Gerrard insists Aston Villa are suitable to snatch Manchester City points.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard insisted his side deserved a point from Manchester City in their 1-1 draw.

“I am very proud of this form. it is very strong It’s a good point to meet world-class competitors. They have a lot of quality. and has a world-class manager.

“Being 1-0 down obviously you fear the worst. But in our dressing room today I said to the players that no one outside gave us hope or opportunity today. So we try to use that for motivation. And players are highly motivated to try and get something out of this game. We deserve it.” UFABET

“I think both Ollie Watkins and Leon Bailey are excellent. they give energy and time to breathe by collecting the ball and take us on the field.”

“Of course we deserve something out of this game with the way we play. and what we put into the game.”

When asked what happened to Philippe Coutinho’s goal? Gerrard replied: “He blew the whistle twice too quickly. He blew on Ezry Konza, like a clash with Ederson, why blow it, why not wait and use VAR if it’s a problem? And he blew fast for Phil (Coutinho)’s shot that went in.”

“I haven’t been watching Match of the Day for four weeks. But I’ll be watching tonight to see what those experts have to say. because I think he blew too fast.”