What is 11 Sic Bo ?

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11 Sic Bo is a betting game in a form of playing Sic Bo. The nature of the 11 Sic Bo is that all 3 dice have a combined result of 11. Thus becoming the origin of the name 11 Sic Bo. Which in this form of betting has a payout rate of 6 times. Which although maybe a lot But if you look deeper. You will see that the chances of betting success are extremely difficult. Because there is only a 12.5 percent chance.

How to play?

As for how to play Sic Bo, it is to bet on a total of 11 points. Which is the point in the middle between the high bets. and low format bets In fact, a group of players who are dice masters. Usually not very popular to place bets in the form of 11. Even with relatively high payout rates Because the chances of winning the bet are small. If it’s a percentage, it’s only 12.5 percent. Therefore, it is no different from taking the bets away for free. games by UFABET 

Techniques for playing 11 Sic Bo to get profit

  1. Place bets in the form of 11 only. with the same bet amount for every game
  2. The bet rolls up every time you lose. For example, 500, 1000, 2,000 and 4,000 etc.
  3. Whenever a winning bet Players will get back all their lost capital with 6 times the profit.

In fact Betting in the form of Sic Bo is considered a form of betting that has a relatively small chance of winning. But in exchange for a fairly high payout rate. So if any player wants to play dice to be profitable. You can use our technique now.