Mourinho quipped to change the name of Financial Fair Play.

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Jose Mourinho has urged UEFA that. The Financial Fair Play rule should be changed to a different name because it is not fair. Roma coach Jose Mourinho has expressed his frustration with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules. After Roma were one of eight clubs to be fined for violating the rules. It should be change to a different name as it is not really fair. According to a report from Football Italia on Saturday. 

UEFA has sanction eight clubs for violating Financial Fair Play rules. With Roma and Inter Milan receiving a four-year spending limit. While Juventus and AC Milan get three years each. Manchester City, Barcelona and Chelsea were fined. While Paris Saint-Germain were fined just €10 million UFABET

‘This is a mechanism that punishes those who want to work morally, indirectly and protects those who don’t when their club is already a superpower,’ said Mourinho. I was amazed by the fact that the clubs passed because of their structure, stability and history. because they make money It punishes others who want to be great.’

‘This should really be a different name. Because there is nothing fair about Financial Fair Play, it is not fair that one side can spend €300 million. The other team only spend €30 million.’

Asked if he had any advice on how to change the current rules in the interest of the club equally, Mourinho replied: ‘I don’t have time for that. I am happy to be a coach. I’m less happy working in these conditions. Because with a few million more, Roma can really be allowed to dream.’

‘What Thiago Pinto did was great but it was difficult, I would love to have Jordan Vertut as my fifth centre-back,’ the Portuguese said.