Ancelotti reveals Modric and Kroos will play less than last season.

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Carlo Ancelotti will opt for Luka Modric and Toni Kroos with a more nuanced approach. Meaning the two star midfielders will be playing less this football season compared to last year.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed Luka Modric and Toni Kroos will have fewer playing times this season compared to last year. Due to the increasing maturity and slow recovery, unable to play during the busy program. There is a queue to enter the field every three days. According to a report from Marca on Saturday UFABET

Modric the 36 year old started the starting XI before withdrawing in the 80th minute of Saturday’s 2-1 win over Real Betis. With Kroos the 32 year old coming on for the final 10 minutes of the game. Ancelotti admits it is difficult to tell the players they will not play. 

‘They are very smart and humble. They know they are also important. Even if not playing every game It’s easier to handle than any other situation in my career. But it’s really hard to choose a lineup. almost impossible You have to let the players start for almost every team in the world,’ said Ancelotti.

The Italian also said of Marco Asensio, adding: ‘It’s hard to say. I know I can rely on them. But I can’t say how many minutes they will play this season.’