office syndrome pain relief do it yourself

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office syndrome pain relief do it yourself

Office syndrome is a big problem for working people. Anyone who has it will have a tense pain, especially the neck, shoulders, shoulders, no matter what you do, it won’t go away. Some people go for a massage. or trying to recruit equipment to help support still not better Today, add me to find a way. Relieve office syndrome pain to reduce symptoms and prepare for a hard battle on the working day for you. office syndrome caused by staying in the same position for a long time causing the muscles to work too hard and too much Resulting in pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulders, congestion, not flowing. and muscle spasms, which we relieve office syndrome pain by relaxing the muscles and build strong muscles

muscle relaxation

Helps to treat pain and inflammation of the muscles. which is easy to do 

muscle building

It is to build muscle to support use. You should build muscles from the neck, shoulders, shoulders and lower back muscles. In which the doctor recommends walking and exercising in the water during the first 2 weeks, you should do it every day for 1 hour, after that, then adjust it to 2 days a week, it will make your muscles strong and ready for the battle from work. 

Special techniques for increasing muscle

  1. Drink water before and after exercising. to keep the blood flowing and flexible muscles
  2. eat a complete meal for muscle building therefore should eat food from all 5 food groups
  3. warm up so that the muscles do not contract prevent cramps
  4. Hot compresses reduce inflammation that may occur. The UFABET report