The virus returns to its source

After a month of deconfinement, Wuhan recorded his first cases on Monday, but the authorities are reassuring

Starting point of the COVID pandemic – 19, the city of Wuhan, in China, saw the coronavirus reappear on its territory for the first time since the lifting of the containment decreed barely a month ago. Public health officials said on Monday that they had detected 6 new infections in just three days in a country where health officials claimed to have brought the epidemic under control.

Sunday, the city of Shulan, in the province of Jilin, more than 2000 km north of Wuhan, was also placed in quarantine after the discovery a new outbreak and confirmation of 13 new cases of infection. The municipality of more 600 000 souls is located just l west of the border with Russia, a country also badly affected by the pandemic.

According to the national television network CGTN, local authorities have forced the closure of public places, called on residents to be confined again and placed the region at high risk of contagion. Just a week ago, China reduced all of its regions to “low” or “medium” in terms of the risk of the virus spreading.

“These cases certainly do not indicate the start of a second wave of epidemic in China, said Wang Peiyu, deputy director of the School of Public Health at Peking University on Monday, in the pages of the daily controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Global Times. Given the complexity of COVID – 19, who has an uncertain and sometimes asymptomatic incubation period, this type of sporadic case is completely normal. “

For Jin Dongyan, professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, these outbreaks will become a “new normal” in the coming years, without necessarily leading to epidemics as serious as the first. According to him, the resurgence of the disease is very possible, given the highly contagious nature of the virus.

In Wuhan, more than 3800 people lost their lives after contracting the new coronavirus which appeared there last December. This is the largest share of the some 4600 deaths related to COVID – 19 in China, if we accept the official figures.

New cases detected in the metropolis of 11 million inhabitants were detected in a residence for the elderly in the neighborhood Samnin. The Communist Party official in charge of the district where the residence is located was sacked on Sunday, the state-run news agency Nouvelle Chine reported, for failing to protect these residents.

In total, 17 new cases of infection were identified in Chinese territory on Monday. Since the beginning of May, this is the second day in a row that this statistic has exceeded ten. No new deaths from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID – 19, have been reported in the country since almost a month.

Continue opening

For the moment, the Chinese authorities have no plans to revert to strict containment rules, after gradually resuming the country's activity. Sign of this resumption, Monday, the Disneyland amusement park of Shanghai, located in the largest city of China, reopened its doors. In the last few days, other tourist sites, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, have slowly come back to life, in a new normal that does not spare the American entertainment giant.

Visitors will have to wear a mask, but also agree to have their temperature taken before entering the park. Disney embarks on this adventure with caution by accepting in its play area barely a quarter of the daily visitors it receives daily, namely 24 000 people against 80 000 before the pandemic.

This is the first Disney park to resume service in the world, much to the relief of the American multinational which estimated at 1.4 billion dollars the negative effect of the health and economic crisis on its activities, only one billion of which for its amusement parks and cruises.