Moscow accuses Washington of downplaying the role of the USSR in the victory against the Nazis

Russia said on Sunday that it was “extremely indignant” by Washington's attempts to “distort” the role of the USSR in the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, saying want a “serious conversation” with US officials about it.

“We are extremely indignant at the attempts to distort the results […] of the decisive contribution of our country,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, referring to a statement released on Friday on the White House Facebook page which mentions as Nazi winners only the United States and Great Britain.

“American officials did not have the courage and the will to pay tribute to the undeniable role of the Red Army and the Soviet people,” continued Moscow, stressing the “colossal number of victims” that there was then in their midst in their struggle “in the name of all humanity”.

Calling the American statements “particularly mean”, Russia called on Washington not to make the memory of 1945 a “new problem in bilateral relations, which are already experiencing moments difficult. ”

The question of the role of the USSR in the victory against Nazi Germany, at the cost of some 27 millions of Soviets killed, is an extremely sensitive question in Russia and which is at the heart of Vladimir Putin's speech of power and prestige.

Moscow also accuses the Europeans, the Poles and the Ukrainians in mind, of minimizing its action in the Second World War.

Russia modestly celebrated the 75 years of victory on Saturday, without the usual large military parade and the thousands of Russians in the streets, because of the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus.