Childhood inflammation issues worry New York

New York mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday expressed “grave concern” over an increase in a syndrome involving children that scientists believe is linked to the new coronavirus.

According to him, 38 cases of pediatric inflammation were detected in New York, the American city most affected by COVID disease – 19, and nine other cases are still under investigation.

Throughout New York State, 85 cases of this disease, similar to Kawasaki disease, are under investigation, added soon after Governor Andrew Cuomo during his daily press briefing.

Three deaths linked to this syndrome have been recorded, including one in the American financial capital, and two other deaths are under investigation, he said. One of the victims was five years old.

One of the state health officials added that the other two victims were a teenager and a child between the ages of five and ten.

None of them had pre-existing illnesses, the official added.

Symptoms are fever, rash, abdominal pain and vomiting.

“What this basically does is that it will provoke a very intense and almost overwhelming response from the child's immune system. And it hurts his body, “said Bill de Blasio.

He added that all children with these symptoms would now be tested with COVID – 19 as well as with antibodies.

So far, 47% of confirmed cases have been declared positive for the new coronavirus, and 81% for its antibodies , which means that they have been infected with the virus since the start of the epidemic.

Described for the first time in 1967 in Japan, Kawasaki disease mainly affects young children. Its origin is not precisely known and could combine infectious, genetic and immune factors.

Before the onset of these cases, COVID – 19 was deemed to develop in severe forms in children only exceptionally.

The city of New York records 14 000 deaths linked securely to the coronavirus , and 5000 other probable, that is to say approximately a quarter of the deaths counted on the whole of the American territory.