Still no investigation in China

China refuses an international investigation into the origin of the new coronavirus as long as the pandemic and American accusations against Beijing continue to spread, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva said on Wednesday.

“The first priority is to focus on fighting the pandemic until the final victory,” said Chen Xu during a press conference by videoconference.

Asked about an invitation expected by the World Health Organization (WHO) to send experts to Wuhan, the cradle of the pandemic, Mr. Chen considered that the diplomatic context did not allow it, denouncing the statements by American leaders.

“We cannot tolerate this kind of political virus spreading freely […] when all efforts must be focused on the fight against the real virus”, he said. “We are not allergic in principle to any form of investigation or evaluation”, because these allow “to prepare for future health emergencies” but “we have no time to lose to save lives”, a pointed out the diplomat.

We are not sure, and there is significant evidence that this comes from the laboratory, these statements are all the two true

– Mike Pompeo

“As for knowing if and how an invitation [à l’OMS] can intervene, we have for the moment on the one hand to define the good priorities and on the other hand we need a good atmosphere”, he added.

He accused the American president and his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who claim to have evidence that the new coronavirus comes from a virological research laboratory in Wuhan, of “putting in struggle the fight against the pandemic “by” trying to divert attention from their own responsibility for the spread of the virus in the United States “.

Pressed to deny the American allegations, Mr. Chen argued that he was not in a position to rule. “If the president or Mr. Pompeo has the evidence, let them present it to the world rather than pointing the finger […]. Scientists can answer these questions, “he said.

“No certainty”

The United States has “significant evidence” that the new coronavirus has spread from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but has “no certainty,” said the head of the American diplomacy, Mike Pompeo.

Asked at a press conference in Washington on the remarks of various senior American officials, who diverge on this key subject, the Secretary of State assured that there was no inconsistency: “We are not sure, and there is significant evidence that it comes from the laboratory, these statements are both true. “

“I made these two types of remarks, as well as members of the administration. They're all true, “he said, visibly annoyed to be confronted with these divergent versions. “We are all looking for the right answer”, “this is completely normal, people study the data and arrive at different degrees of certainty”, he justified.

The American government has multiplied contradictory statements over the past week. Last Thursday, the president said he had elements to believe that the epidemic came from the laboratory, while at the same time, Mike Pompeo said he did not know if it was the case. The Secretary of State finally said on Sunday that there was “immense evidence that this is where it left from”, but did not present it publicly.

For its part, American intelligence reports have not been able to establish at this stage whether the pandemic was “the result of a laboratory accident in Wuhan”. And the epidemiologist who advises the White House, the D r Anthony Fauci, clearly felt that the virus had “evolved in nature” and then crossed “the barriers of species”.