Trump calls 'failures' of critics who criticize him

Donald Trump was unleashed against a group of Republican opponents, including the husband of one of his close advisers, calling them Tuesday “failures” for having posted on Twitter a very critical video of his management of the coronavirus crisis.

” More than 60 000 Americans died from a deadly virus that Donald Trump ignored Says the voice off of this one-minute video, “Mourning in America”.

This title recalls the slogan of Ronald Reagan's campaign for his re-election in 1984, “Morning in America” .

The video criticizes the Republican President's response to the pandemic which has plunged the country into a serious economic crisis.

“Under Donald Trump's direction, the country is weaker, sicker and poorer,” continues the narrator, describing an economy “in ruins”. Since the start of the crisis, 30 millions of people have registered unemployed in the United States.

“Now the Americans wonder: if we are four years older like this, will America still exist? Said the narrator again, imitating the tone of the video clip for 1984.

But while the original inspired prosperity and optimism, this new clip shows dilapidated houses, empty factories and queues of masked people.

The video quickly went viral with more than 5 million views since Monday on the Twitter account of the “Lincoln Project”, a group of Republican officials opposed to Donald Trump, including George Conway, the husband of White House Councilor Kellyanne Conway.

The Republican billionaire responded on Monday evening on Twitter in a series of messages, accusing the group of “shaming” “Honest Abe”, namely the emblematic president Abraham Lincoln.

“I don't know what Kellyanne did to her failed and crazy husband, Face de lune, but it must have been very naughty,” he said.

The president still seemed to be brooding over his anger on Tuesday, speaking on the subject to the press before leaving Washington for a visit to Arizona.

“I would change the name (of the group) to call it the” Losers Project “,” he said. “They are republican losers.”

I would change the name [du groupe] to call it the Project of losers . They are losers Republicans.

– Donald Trump