The United Kingdom, the first country in Europe to exceed the 30,000 deaths from COVID-19

The United Kingdom became the first country in Europe on Tuesday to exceed 30 000 deaths linked to the new coronavirus, making it the second most affected by the pandemic in the world after the United States, according to official statistics compiled on Tuesday.

The weekly figures for the various regional British statistical agencies show a balance sheet of 32 313 deaths including the Covid – 19 is the suspected cause indicated on the death certificate, a figure higher than Italy.

The current assessment is probably much heavier, because these figures relate to deaths until 24 April for England (28 272), Wales (1376) and Northern Ireland (393), and until 26 April for Scotland (2272).

The latest report from the Ministry of Health, which includes only hospital and retirement home deaths of patients declared positive for COVID – 19, was 28 734 died Monday.

The United Kingdom was one of the countries most affected by the pandemic in Europe, with the first death announced on March 5. The authorities were accused of having delayed taking the measure of the risks, not anticipating the need for tests and protective equipment and imposing confinement of the population only on 23 March.

Hospitalizations and deaths have now gone down. Himself hospitalized a week because of COVID – 19, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last Thursday that the “peak” of the epidemic was over.

The death toll is slowly decreasing, which is “reassuring,” said Nick Stripe, an analyst with the British National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) on the BBC on Tuesday.

“In retirement homes, the situation is even more dramatic than that,” he commented. “Almost four times more deaths than we expected at this time of year were recorded in the past week, or approximately 280% of deaths from more registered in retirement homes than the average for the past five years, and this number is increasing. ”

For fear of a new wave of contamination, the containment should be extended Thursday, the date scheduled for its next reassessment, but the government is preparing easing measures allowing a recovery of the economy, in full collapse.

According to several media reports, the exit strategy must be announced by Boris Johnson during a speech on Sunday evening.