Walmart Will Soon Enforce A Strict Policy For Opioid Medication

Walmart Will Soon Enforce A Strict Policy For Opioid Medication

Walmart is all set to come up with a more strict policy for opioid medications, by limiting the validity of the prescriptions and ensure that there will be an electronically generated invoice for it.

Walmart on last Monday announced that in next 2 months, it is going to provide first-time dire opioid medications for 7 days or less from the date of prescription, as well as to restrict the offered dosage to 50 MMEs (morphine milligram equivalents) per day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues a conversion guide for MME to allow pharmacists understand the ideal dosage for specific sort of the prescribed opioid medication. In the US only, there are more than 5,300 WMT (Walmart) and Sam’s club locations, which makes this regulatory change a huge event.

A research done by CDC found that people having the opioid medicine prescription for one day had 6% possibility of being addicted, whereas the cases increased to 13.5% for the individuals who were having the opioid medicine prescription for eight or more days. The research also notes that patients’ prescribed with heavy dosages of opioid can die because of overdose.

Fewer states are already following the policy of entertaining the prescriptions of seven or lesser days. “We will follow the state law when the limit is less than one week,” said Walmart. Further, Walmart explained, “From 2020, there will be a need of e-prescriptions for opioid medication. Online prescription helps in avoiding the occurrences of prescription frauds.”

In January, Walmart introduced a method to safely eliminate the remaining of opioids at home. The company on Monday said, “We will make DisposeRx accessible online.”

In addition to this, pharmacists from Walmart and Sam’s Club are promoting the use of naloxone, an anti-overdose drug. It is accessible over the counter in fewer states for the patients who are on the verge of an overdose. By the end of August, Walmart and Sam’s club will prepare and release a complete curriculum for pain management.

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