designing a building when the tedious task of code compliance begins.

UpCodes: Making Architect’s Job More Fun By Automating Code Compliance

In general, for the architects, the most difficult part of their jobs begins once they are done with designing a building when the tedious task of code compliance begins.

It is for the purpose of making sure that accessibility and safety of the building, the codes include everything from the end of a railing and the height to the depth of stairs, the height of windows and the open space in front of a toilet.

The regulations are constantly updated by the government bodies, which is why even the most experienced team of the architect fails to meet the guidelines, which results in costly delays. Y combinators in association with UpCodes is keen to help the architected by utilizing AI, which includes natural language processing, which is explained as “The Spellcheck for buildings”, by a San Francisco-based start-up.

Called AI of UpCodes, the software is a plug-in which scans the 3D models made with the BIM (building information modeling) data and notifies architects about the potential issues.

Scott Reynolds, CEO & Co-founder, UpCodes, told TechCrunch, “This is like the Grammarly app for the construction domain. By highlighting the code-errors in real time, the program functions as a code consultant working beside you every time.”

In 2016, UpCodes was founded, after Reynolds got so demean and frustrated with traditional code compliance when he was working as an architect, and then he changed his career path and launched UpCodes with his brother Garrett.

The utilization of AI in architecture is still into its introduction phase, but there are few organizations such as CoPlannery and Autodesk, are researching on applying the AI technologies to resolve the issue comes in design and construction.

Reynolds says “The complete code compliance was neglected by the engineers for such a long duration that now it has become difficult to imagine someone else doing what we use to do.”

He adds, “Imagine limiting ever brush stroke hitting by an architect with tens of rules is one of the major reasons of killing the creativity. This is what makes me quit my job and start UpCodes to make the frustrated job of the architect filled with more fun.”

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