Twitter Closes TV Apps on Xbox, Android TV, and Roku

Twitter announced that the organization is closing its TV apps on Xbox, Android TV, and Roku. It is currently focusing on steering users to its first-party mobile apps and its desktop website. This will be done by killing off less used apps. Earlier, the company had shut down Mac app also.

The reason behind company’s agenda is not clear yet. TV apps’ shutdown is somewhat an unexpected strategy move. The company had been gradually increasing its live streaming video content over the past year. The company considered its TV apps as a way to get that video in front of a television audience. These include the ones interested in watching major news events, sports matches, and other entertainment.

Roku app was one of the recent TV apps launched by Twitter. It is observed that none of the TV apps of Twitter have a strong hold on its customers. Also, it has to compete with top streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

It said that these TV apps closings are not related to Twitter’s API changes. The company has taken this decision to kill off these apps as it works towards the fulfillment of GDPR. Also, Xbox and Roku do not support a standard regularly supported video player. This has laid the company into more difficulty in these apps’ maintenance.

However, it is assured that the company is not closing its all TV apps. Twitter for tvOS (Apple TV) and Twitter for Amazon Fire TV will be available for its customers.

Recently, Twitter has announced new features for its mobile web version. Now, Twitter Lite and Twitter for Windows will be supporting night mode, real-time updates on replies, likes & retweets, and a newer Tweet compose window. Although these are not the largest changes, it will make a big difference for the users who don’t want to use the “full” native apps on their mobile devices.