Twitter Accounts Of Russia Attempted To Assist Opposition In U.K. Election

Twitter Accounts Of Russia Attempted To Assist Opposition In U.K. Election

Twitter accounts in Russia distributed out messages in favor of the opposition Labour party in an effort to manipulate 2017 British election, as per a new study.

The study by The Sunday Times and Swansea University discovered that almost 6,500 automatic accounts pumped out messages admiring the leader of opposition Labour party Jeremy Corbyn and his rules in the concluding phases of the election.

They also assaulted Theresa May, the Prime Minister, for declining to participate in televised election discussions and criticized her at the back of the Manchester bombing.

The study discovered that 9 out of 10 messages from the concerned accounts related to Labour supported the party. On the other hand, 9 out of 10 messages related to the Conservatives were aggressive.

“These new findings are very disturbing,” claimed Matt Hancock, the culture minister, to the media in an interview. “It is totally intolerable for any country to attempt to meddle in the democratic elections of a different nation.”

The British administration has blamed Russia for interfering in elections all over the globe and planting false news in the media but has refused that Russia has productively interfered in elections for the U.K.

Speaking of Twitter, the company recently sold data authorization to the Cambridge University who also got information about of millions of Facebook consumers that was afterward handed to a political consulting company without the consent of the consumers.

Aleksandr Kogan, who on Facebook, developed a personality quiz to harvest data later employed by Cambridge Analytica, started GSR (Global Science Research), his own commercial company. That company was given access to huge-scale public data from Twitter for one day in 2015, as per Twitter. This data wrapped months of posts by the users. Twitter has removed affiliated entities of Cambridge Analytica as advertisers. Twitter claimed that GSR gave money for the authorization. It offered no additional details.

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