TRAI And Apple Again At War Due To DND App

TRAI And Apple Again At War Due To DND App

Apple Inc., the U.S. tech giant, and telecoms regulator of India, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), are at loggerheads over the expansion of an anti-spam government mobile app, with consumer privacy at the core of a growing crack among the two parties.

TRAI And Apple Again At War Due To DND App

The newest impasse follows after Apple in October 2017 decided to offer some assistance to the regulator to hit into new features of the iOS to build the “Do Not Disturb” application. This application lets consumers to report unwanted text messages and calls as spam.

At problem has been contention of Apple that letting the application wide access to users’ text and call logs can compromise privacy.

The debates are the newest instances of hurdles encountered by worldwide technology companies, who often require balancing consumer privacy while dealing with requests from regulators and governments around authorization to content on handsets. In July 2017, Apple deleted applications from its App Store in China that assisted consumer browse the web privately so as to obey with a fresh cyber security rule.

In India, in spite of October’s deal, the two parties have not had a meeting since November 2017, and the Indian watchdog informed Apple in January 2018 that it was still hanging around for “fundamental explanations” on what accurately can the iOS edition of its app provide, as per a government insider with direct know-how and an email seen by the local media.

Apple claimed to the media last week that the government application “as imagined breaches the privacy rule” of its App Store. The tech behemoth claimed that it had been busy with government employees and will carry on discussing methods as to how they can develop their application to keep personal data of users safe.

TRAI claims that it will check with the legal team on how the firm can be pushed to assist design the app more quickly.

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