Threats On Amazon Not My Advice...Says Trump's Economic Advisor

Threats On Amazon Not My Advice…Says Trump’s Economic Advisor

Things are taking bizarre turns in the battle between Donald Trump and Amazon as Lary Kudlow, the top economic advisor to the President, said that he has nothing to do with the threats made by Trump to Amazon in the past few weeks and is not obligated to make a comment on the situation.

While being asked about the matter on ABC’s “This Week”, Kudlow said that even though the matter was one which is subject to the National Economic Council, which he chairs, he is not a part of any discussion concerning it as the President himself might be personally involved and it’s his opinion that really counts.

Amazon has been at the end of Trump’s stick more than usual in the past couple of months with the President going at the e-commerce giant left, right and center; from tax evasion claims to accuse the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post of being a supporter of the company. Trump even went as far as saying that Amazon is fraudulently using the Postal Service for its benefit and personally asked the Postmaster General to double the amount charged to the company for shipping items, which will cost Amazon billions, as reported by The LA Times.

Many are of the opinion that it is Amazon’s presence that has kept the Postal Service from going under and the company is a taxpayer in most states. Kudlow, who has been known to be a patron of free market capitalism, is playing safe on this one. He refused to disagree with the President in the post office matter and said that an argument can be made for both sides on the matter once the numbers are looked at in totality. Some of the figures have been withheld which is leading to wrong opinions.

A disagreement with Trump could mean an exit from the White House as some people have found out and Kudlow’s neutral stance on the matter could be born out of the same concern.

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