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Third-hand Smoke: Danger Embedded on the Wall, Fabric, and Furniture

Chemical residue from smoking tobacco clings to the wall, furniture, cushions, skin and even to the hair. This study has been revealed by the Drexel University. Protection is required at educational institutions, pubs, workplaces and restaurants, insist scientists from the University.

Third-hand smoke spreads to all places. The persisting toxins may harm the body for many weeks and months after the vapor has been absorbed.

The smoke from cigarettes has about 400 chemicals and carcinogens that are toxic and saturate the fabric and furniture, with its toxins.

Scientists fear that they may cause cognitive deficits in little infants. The chance of getting asthma and other respiratory disorders increases in the people who are in contact with this toxic content. Drexel University states that even neonatal incubators in the intensive care sections can be pervaded by this third-hand smoke.

Though warning is given to cigarette addicts, the dangers of second-hand smoke are not provided with much awareness. But third-hand smoke is something that very few know about. Dr. Michael Waring from the Drexel University claims that it is very difficult to avoid and suggests that protection to second-hand smoke should be provided by placing restriction and bans on smoking within the campus of institutions and workplace. Young children are the most vulnerable to this exposure, he claims.

A study from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory shows that third-hand smoke causes genetic damage to human beings, long after the cigarette has burned. Research proves that they add to indoor air pollution. The chemicals react with the nitrous acids and ozone in the atmosphere, warn scientists.

Reports conclude that unless warning about the ill-effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, and third-hand smoke is provided to individuals, prevention from such hazards is not possible.

Quit Smoking for good health. Quit smoking indoors for the health of your family and others around you.