The App To Find Tunes On Spotify With An Image Of Record

The App To Find Tunes On Spotify With An Image Of Record

Spotify, by using the Google Vision API, is experimenting a new app called Record Player which allows users to take a snap of record and get it scanned and searched on Spotify library.

Spotify is a platform with great music suggestion framework, and it offers a comprehensive search option as well. But there are cases that the album you spotted does not have an obvious name on its cover or we are too lazy to type the name.

To deal with this Record Player is an experimental app introduced by Spotify which uses the Vision API of Google. With this app, users are now able to click a photo of record sleeve which is then scanned and analyzed. And then it automatically looks out for the album in Spotify library.

Along with Google’s Vision API to identify the source image, the platform was built using Glitch and designed to permit collaborative app design.

The app is a fun to use as well, with its functionality of uploading an image, we can essentially input any image of our choice into the app and wait to see what album it displays as a result (most similar).

Certainly, it is a subject of concern for the people who are lover of physical media. What do you think that how long the physical record stores can survive? If anyone can just walk into the store, take a photo of the album they like and get all the tunes handy without investing a single penny. It will be like you are stealing the knowledge and experience of a curating staff.

But rest assured as the new app is in the phase of experiment and at the moment is undergoing resurgence, especially in the United Kingdom where the sales increased on YoY basis in 2017 and touched the mark of 4.1 Million units shift.

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