Study: Your Regular Health Supplements Are Good For Nothing

A new research led by the investigators at University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital suggests that there is no consistent harm or even health benefits of consuming most common types of mineral and vitamin supplements.

A study published in American College of Cardiology Journal recently about systematic analysis of prevailing data and solitaire randomized control medical trials reported in English from Jan 2012 to Oct 2017 studied that vitamin D, multivitamins, vitamin C and calcium are the most basic supplements which have no risk or benefits for people and do not help in preventing the issues like heart attack, premature death, heart stroke and other various cardiovascular disorder.

Lead author, Dr. David Jenkins, said, “We were stunned to know that there are only a few positive effects of the most common type of health supplement which is consumed by the majority of individuals.” The study revealed that individuals can consume the minerals and vitamin supplements, but there is neither any benefit nor any risk of these supplements.

The study further covered that only the folic acid or B-vitamins with folic acid of the health supplements have some impact on the events of cardiovascular issues. The outcomes of the report suggest that people should be mindful of the health supplement they are consuming and make sure that they have a prescription from healthcare provider for using any of these.

The team of researchers reviewed data which has the supplements like Vitamin A, Vitamin B (B-Complex), folic acid, niacin, vitamin C, D & E and Calcium, carotene, zinc, iron, selenium, and magnesium.

Dr. Jenkins further added, “In the lack of crucial positive information, other than folic acid’s capability of potentially lessening the chances of heart and stroke issue, till now there is no study on health supplement which shows us the findings which have any positive impact compared to the healthy home food which has vegetables, nuts, and fruits.”