Study: Facebook Is No More The Favorite Social Media Platform Of Teens

YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram are on top of new social media platform liked by teenagers.

Till now, 2018, has been proved a rough year for Facebook, and it looks like the once top performing social media platform is finding hard to hold the ground. According to a new research on May 31, from the Pew Research Center shows that the teenagers of 13—17 years of age are selecting the platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram over Facebook.

If we consider the habits of US teens regarding their social media usage, the research demonstrates that the platform has experienced a huge drop in past several years. A similar research of 2014—2015 showed the 71% of teens were frequently using Facebook, which dropped to 51% during a research of 2018.

The research did not provide the exact reasons as to why the teenager audience if moving away from Facebook. In contrast to this, 35% of teens prefer Snapchat as their primary social network, and 32% were moved towards YouTube, which is followed by Instagram with 15% of the audience and Facebook was the first choice of only 10% of teenage users.

The number of users breaks down into the more interesting manner when the researchers compared the usage of social media platform by teens based on their gender and race. Boys are more like to move towards YouTube, whereas the girls are more down towards Snapchat as their preferred social networking platform. In addition to this, white teens are moving towards Snapchat more while the Black teens are going to Facebook.

As a concluding statement, the research has some comments from the teenage individuals who were asked few questions for the study and many of them felt that social media platform had a positive effect on their lives. As one of the female candidates of 15 years of age, stated, “I feel that people of my age feel less lonely and along because of the social media. It provides a space where you can talk or communicate with other people.”