Study: An Inactive Life Of 6 Years Increases The Risk Of Heart Failure

It is a known fact that individuals who do more exercise (physical activity) have a lower possibility of cardiovascular illness. However, it is a lesser known fact that how much the change in the level of physical activity impacts the heart’s health.

Researchers said, “A life without any physical activity (exercise) for 6 years amid the middle age could increase the possibility of heart failure risk.

The result, explained in “Circulation”, a journal, recommended the regularly participating in moderate or high-intensity physical activity for 150 minutes every week, like biking or brisk walking, during middle age can lessen the risk of heart failure by 31%.

Assistant Prof., Chiadi Ndumele, Johns Hopkins University, US, said, “Change in lifestyle from no physical activity to the prescribed exercise levels for 6 years during middle age can lessen the risk of health-related issues like cardiac arrest and heart failure by 23%.”

As per AHA (American Heart Association), 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of high-intensity workout each week is recommended. Researchers have performed the study on 11,351 individuals, with an avg. age of 60 years monitors yearly for 19 years on an average.

A reduction of 12% is noted in the risk factor in the individuals who gradually increased their exercises from poor to intermediate or suggested, or from intermediate to suggested, in comparison with the individuals who are consistently performing poor or intermediate level or activity.

On the other hand, there has been an 18% increase in risk element in the individuals who reportedly reduced exercise from a visit to visit. Heart failure is not equivalent to the heart attack. In a heart attack, the muscle of heart dies, whereas, in heart failure, the organ has lost the capacity of pumping blood, or the ability to pump it hard enough to transfer required oxygen to the blood.

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