Startup Teleoperator To Test Check Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads

Startup Teleoperator To Test Check Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads

Self-driving cars have created a revolution in the field of technology and automobiles. The implementation of the technology has elevated exponentially and is not restricted to the passenger vehicles only.

However, a startup teleoperator, Phantom Auto, is about to conduct public trail of autonomous cars. It is a Silicon Valley-based company that is looking forward to initiating the deployment of the remote controlled cars as the next step in the technology of driverless vehicles.

The company has already announced the associations with the three firms which are based in Europe, SAAB that is now known as NEVS, Transdev, and Einride. These firms will be implementing the technology of the Phantom Auto in the operation centers that are led by remote controls and also in the vehicles. Apart from the implementation of the remote control technology in the traffic of the real world, the company has also signed a deal with the companies in a series of projects.

According to the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Phantom Auto, Elliot Katz, the world is progressing towards the increase in the autonomous vehicles. This technology will add an edge to the elevating number of autonomous cars. However, he further mentioned that currently, the loop needs a human to complete the cycle.

According to the technology proposed by the Mountain View, California-based company, a remote control driver is allowed to get a firm grip on the autonomous vehicle, when confusion regarding the decision on a busy road will arise. The operator will have a 360-degree view around the autonomous vehicle, allowing prioritizing the safety of the passersby.

Katz also revealed that the partners of the firm are looking forward to taking the technology to a whole new level by utilizing it to developing the autonomous vehicles.

The trucking and transportation companies are also incorporating the technology to give the fleets a boost.

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