Smartphone Vendors Of China Get 27% Of The Pie From Smartphone Market In Russia

Not just India, China-based smartphone producers have grabbed more than 25% of the smartphone market in Russia in the quarter four of this fiscal, a report claimed to the media this week.

Smartphone manufacturers all over the world grabbed around 60% of handset market and developed 10% in sequence, chased by Chinese handsets with 27% share in market of Russia, claimed a market research firm to the media. Smartphone shipments in Russia dropped 12% as compared to the last fiscal at the time of the quarter four but developed 2% in sequence, the report further added. In the meantime, the share of domestic brands dropped to single digits.

Smartphone Vendors Of China Get 27% Of The Pie From Smartphone Market In Russia

“Drop in smartphone sector was typically due to lack of offers and seasonality from the retail side. On the other hand, premium sector almost grew 2 x as compared to the last year. This has assisted Apple to reach 2-digit share in the market of smartphone market in Russia and preserving its lead over premium sector,” claimed one of the research analyst at the above mentioned research firm cited above to the media in an interview.

Samsung, the South Korean giant, led both smartphone and overall segment with a share of market of almost 37% and 24% in that order at the time of the quarter four of this fiscal. Apple locked the 2nd spot with 10% share of the market. On the other hand, a bulk of its shipments was still attributed by older models.

Xiaomi also extended its footprints at the time of this quarter via RDC, its official distributor. The firm is also aiming to unlock offline shops in main cities of Russia in the upcoming fiscal. Around 25% trades in this quarter arrive from online channels. Moreover, global trades of smartphones crossed 366.2 Million units in the quarter four of this fiscal.

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