San Francisco To Ban Products With Flavored Tobacco

San Francisco is about to take a move in banning the menthol as well as fruity e-cigarette liquid flavored cigarettes. The vote regarding the same will be cast by the residents of San Francisco. However, R. J. Reynolds, the tobacco giant has already invested a whopping amount of $12 million in order to oppose the decision taken. He is the manufacturer of the best-selling menthol brand cigarette in the name of Newport.

As per the federal law, most of the flavors from cigarettes have been banned apart from the menthol. If the votes are cast in favor of the decision, it will immediately stop the sale of the fruity e-cigarette vapor and menthol cigarettes.

In order to uphold the suspension of the flavors, the former mayor of New York has also raised $2.8 million. As per the authority, the ban on the menthol-flavored cigarettes will restrict the African-American people from getting addicted to tobacco. It is found that among 10 African-American smokers, 9 initiate the habit of smoking from the age of 12 years.

Apart from Newport, Pall Mall, as well as Camel, will also suffer ban that are the producers of menthol-flavored cigarettes.

As per the speculation, the sale of the flavored cigarettes will witness a decline of $50 million each year. According to Miriam Zouzounis, who is one of the board members of the Arab American Grocers Association, the mechanism will support the other strong rules present in the country, like the ban on the sale of tobacco products below the age of 21 years, to get a firm control over the addictions.

He further added that as per the present situation, this is the only way to get over the problems of addiction. Oakland, the neighbor of San Francisco has also matched its tune with the ban. New Jersey is also following the suite and will ban the menthol cigarettes.