Samsung To Roll Out A New Color Version For Galaxy S9+ And S9 In India

Samsung To Roll Out A New Color Version For Galaxy S9+ And S9 In India

The latest flagship handsets of South Korean tech behemoth Samsung, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9, are all ready to receive a new color version. As per sources, the firm is ready to roll out Sunrise Gold color version alternative for both Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 handsets this week in India.

Samsung rolls out the Sunrise Gold color version for the two handsets previous month in South Korea, its home nation. The firm also rolled out a Burgundy Red version of Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 handsets there.

Currently, the two flagship 2018 Galaxy handsets come in 3 color versions in India such as Midnight Black, Liliac Purple, and Coral Blue.

Samsung rolled out Galaxy S9+ and S9 handsets in March in India in 2018 at an introductory cost of Rs 64,900 and Rs 57,900 respectively. Both the handsets have 3 storage alternatives namely 256 GB, 128 GB, and 64 GB. The Galaxy S9 has a price tag of Rs 57,900 for the 64 GB version, Rs 65,900 for the 256 GB version, and Rs 61,900 for the 128 GB version. On the other hand, the Galaxy S9+ has a price tag of Rs 68,900 for the 128 GB, Rs 64,900 for 64 GB, and Rs 72,900 for the 256 GB version. While the Galaxy S9+ gets 6 GB RAM, the Galaxy S9 has 4 GB RAM.

One of the main features of the newest Galaxy handsets is stated to be the support fir AR that employs data-supported algorithm for machine learning.

Similar to their precursors, both Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 has Infinity Edge screen. The Galaxy S9 sports a Quad HD + 5.8-inch Curved Super AMOLED screen, while the Galaxy S9+ sports a Quad HD + 6.2-inch Curved Super AMOLED display. Both the handsets have an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

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