Samsung Might Get Rid Of Iris Scanner For Upcoming Galaxy S10

Samsung Might Get Rid Of Iris Scanner For Upcoming Galaxy S10

Samsung might get rid of iris scanning in the upcoming Galaxy S10. This might come only 2 years after making an entry in the market with the Galaxy Note 7, claimed the media. As per a media report, the tech behemoth is already designing components for the next Galaxy S10 handset but has no plans to involve an iris scanning module similar to earlier Galaxy handsets.

The South Korean tech behemoth might think of including an in-display fingerprint scanner as an option for the authentication method. “The main highlight of the upcoming Galaxy S10 will indeed be the largest feature from the Galaxy Note 9, an in-display fingerprint scanner,” the report claimed this week.

The physical size of both handsets is anticipated to lower slightly as the firm will slash down its already slick bottom & top bezels. Cupertino-based Apple was lately praised for the accuracy of FaceID but criticized for eliminating the fingerprint sensor of TouchID overall. If Samsung can level up Apple while offering the in-display scanner that most of them wished on the iPhone X, then the Galaxy S10 must be a huge hit, as per media reports.

On a related note, Samsung has earlier already verified that it is operating on a “foldable” handset device that has 2 displays. We have encountered a lot of news about it in the form of rumors and leaks. But this is not the only “unique” handset in the firm’s pipeline. It is supposedly working on a new handset that also has dual screen but included in a single block. The first clue about the specific handset comes from a copyright.

The patent displays the handset featuring a bezel-less screen at the front without any chin. This is something akin to what we have witnessed with iPhone X, as per the sources.

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