Research: Our Genes Aren’t The Major Reason Behind The Obesity

A human’s genes and their genetic formation can impact a lot of attributes like the color of eyes, the ear’s shape and more. However, the genetic form of a person doesn’t have a crucial part in the ability to gain and lose weight, as per the new study.

Researchers from King’s College London, the UK, recently led a research on 786 participants to see how the body functions and allocates fat from a twins group. Scientists took the stool samples of the twins, effectively recognizing the biomarkers of feces which are related to the visceral fat around their waist.

After analyzing the molecules of the stool sample of the twins, they came to the conclusion that genetics are only partially involved in weight gain or weight loss, and environment factor did come as the most influential factor.

Dr. Jonas Zierer, the lead author of the research published in Nature Genetics journal, considers this research will play an instrumental part in inventing various treatments for obesity in near future. He further said, “The findings of this research allow users to change the gut environment and face the obesity issue from a completely different angle which is associated with factors like microbes and diet that can be easily modified for better outcomes.

Head of Twin Research Group, Prof. Tim Spector, King’s College London, also shared his excitement about the new benchmark found by the new study. He shared, “This activity of our twins is an example of how important the health is for them and the mass of various microbes created by our gut against the food we consume.”

“The fact is actually good news, that obesity is influenced by the factor which is related to the environmental factors (majorly), which we can change accordingly, and not the genetics, which we cannot change.”

This study is not challenging the most followed trend of taking out the carbohydrates from the diets to become fit and slim.