Redskins Answers To Accusations About Their Misbehavior With Cheerleaders

Redskins Answers To Accusations About Their Misbehavior With Cheerleaders

Bruce Allen, the president of Redskins, has pledged to punish anybody who acted improperly at the time of a team cheerleading journey that took place in 2013 in Costa Rica.

The girls were living at an “adults only” hotel and had been informed earlier that they would require being topless for the photo shoot, which was for the calendar by Redskins in 2013. On the other hand, what they were not aware of was that several men were going to be present and watching them in their undressed state. As per the media, a bunch of FedExField suite holders and male sponsors had up-close authorization to the girls.

“The Redskins group is very worried by the accusations in the latest media report concerning our cheerleaders,” Allen claimed to the media in an interview. “We are instantly looking into this case and need to show how seriously we take these accusations.”

Even though Allen was worried about the accusations, he did highlight that the team has already spoken to various cheerleaders of the group who were claimed to be victims, and they gave a different version of the incident than the one that was posted in the media report. For its version, the media secretly interviewed 5 girls from the group.

“On the basis of the dialogue we have had with various former and current cheerleaders over the last 2 Days, we have heard different versions of stories that directly oppose most of the details of the report published this week,” Allen claimed further. “I can assure that once we have concluded looking into this case, if it is found that any of our workers behaved improperly, those workers will suffer noteworthy consequences.”

The commitment follows a day after the media posted a derogatory story that portrayed a hideous image of the Redskins group. In the report, various cheerleaders for Redskins claimed that they thought like the team was “pimping” the women out at the time of the photo shoot in Costa Rica.

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