RaGa Wants PM To Bring Back Other ‘Modi’ On His Next Trip Abroad

RaGa Wants PM To Bring Back Other ‘Modi’ On His Next Trip Abroad

Congress president Rahul Gandhi who is presently in Meghalaya as a part of his poll campaign used the platform to lash out at ruling BJP party stating that the party is actively conniving with loan defaulters like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi and allowing them to leave the country after taking defaulting on loans granted by public sector banks. He is on a two day visit to states in the northeastern region that are going to polls in the next few months. He also criticized the center’s disinterest in upgrading and maintaining churches and other religious buildings in the Christian majority state.

RaGa Wants PM To Bring Back Other ‘Modi’ On His Next Trip Abroad

He said that the pattern of bank scandals and the lack of measures adopted by Modi’s government shows that it is incapable of stopping corruption and is instead actively participating in it. He accused the BJP government of spreading fear, religious intolerance, violence and unemployment instead of spreading hope and economic growth. He used the occasion to make a jibe at PM Modi and made an open request on behalf of everyone to bring back the other “Modi” on his next international trip. He said that the entire nation would be very grateful to get back their hard earned money.

He urged the locals of Meghalaya to teach the BJP a lesson by not voting for them in the assembly polls as they are associated with rich Indians that have a habit of stealing money from Indian banks and running away. He accused the union ministry of tourism for partisan politics in offering to beautify the state’s churches at a cost of Rs. 70 crores as a means of buying out its people. He stated that the arrogant BJP party thinks it can buy god like it had bought MLA’s of other parties during poll season. He recalled incidents of attacks on dalits and people from north east in other states and said that it displays discriminatory policies of BJP party.

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