Potential Business Owners Showcased Their Stuff At An Annual Business Competition

Potential Business Owners Showcased Their Stuff At An Annual Business Competition

The third annual UPitchNJ competition, statewide collegiate business contests, took place in the previous week at Montclair State Faculty with backing and support through the New Jersey Collegiate Entrepreneurship Consortium.

“My task is usually to get to know everybody out there who’s or perhaps is actually aspiring to be a business owner, particularly the good ones. As somebody that has launched a fifty dollars million venture fund as well as an accelerator in deep Newark, who spends a great plenty of time worrying about that business environment right here in New Jersey. I realize that, even in case we are able to spin a great story about its awesomeness, it requires a large amount of hard work to be a business owner,” said Tom Wisniewski.

He also added, “The great news is the fact that college kids are actually becoming entrepreneurs right now, which was not occurring much a decade ago.”

Teams and students from fourteen New Jersey colleges, as well as universities, competed on Friday to gain money prizes and learning sessions from the best business educators across the state. They had been judged on the innovativeness of the their ideas, the quality of the written executive’s summaries and oral presentations, how well they considered or even implement further advertising and product development, as well as the possibility of their suggestions to be viable, profitable for companies with significant community values.

The judges were CEO and founder of InCharged, Jessica Gonzalez, a producer of mobile charging stations based in Newark; Chief executive officer of Futurestay, an online vacation rental management system based in Somerset; S. Philip Kennard, CEO and founder of LatinoTech, Elizabeth Vilchis, an entrepreneurial organization in New York City committed to escalating the Latino leadership in technology; tax partner at Ernst & Young; Eduardo Villa, editor at Inc.com, Kimberly Weisul.

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