Omate Associates With Tata Communications For Safe Smartwatch For Children

Omate, the global IoT and wearable solutions provider, this week declared a joint venture with Tata Communications to provide its new smartwatch, the Omate x Nanoblock, with improved security functions for children. The built-in “MOVE-IoT Connect” platform of Tata Communications in the smartwatch will carry messaging, location, and video-calling information over an end-to-end encrypted VPN (virtual private network), making sure utmost security.

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“What keeps the Omate x Nanoblock different from other wearables is the additional layer of security offered by the worldwide private network MOVE-IoT Connect from Tata Communications,” CEO and Founder of Omate, Laurent Le Pen, claimed to the media in an interview. “It indicates that parents can be in touch and keep an eye on their children in real-time but no information on the network can be interrupted by deceitful individuals,” he claimed.

The automated and API-supported platform of “MOVE-IoT Connect” is fully incorporated with business processes of Omate, offering the firm real-time visibility over data usage patterns of the customers and management over billing and tariffs. The software-based abilities of “MOVE-IoT Connect” also make it simple for Omate to customize content and features with kids’ requirements in mind.

“Through the ubiquitous network MOVE-IoT Connect from Tata Communications and our associations, businesses are allowed to move, capture, and manage data on a worldwide scale, and offer users the always-linked digital experiences they had always wished for,” claimed Chief Product Officer at Tata Communications, Anthony Bartolo, to the media in an interview.

The “Omate x Nanoblock” will be accessible for pre-order on in April. In addition to this, the price of “Omate x Nanoblock” is yet declared by the firm. It will begin exporting in the U.S. and in Europe in June in the first place. Omate has its headquarters in Japan, the U.S., as well as China.