Now Watch World Cup Matches On VR, Thanks Oculus For Streaming

Now Watch World Cup Matches On VR, Thanks Oculus For Streaming

Oculus owned by Facebook offers several VR based world cup matches for free. Initiating with the Sunday game between Mexico and Germany, Oculus will broadcast four games through the recently launched application Venues.

Other games that will be streamed through Oculus Venues comprise Portugal and Morocco on June 20, Brazil against Costa Rica on June 22, and England against Panama on June 24. These games can be seen through the Venues application in Gear VR and Oculus Go. This streaming will be available only for the US-based audience.

Oculus launched the Venues as an application for social viewing in the previous month. Users of the app along with others through VR can watch live 180 degree broadcasts of sporting events and entertainment nights with the ability to communicate with other VR through voice chat.

In addition to the World Cup, the Gotham Comedy Club comedy performances and MLB game weekly will also be streamed live by Oculus.

VR users in the US can also watch other games in the World Cup through the Fox Sports VR application and the Telemundo Desportes VR application, which must be verified with your Pay TV account data. Users from other countries can follow virtual reality games through local television channels, including BBC Sports VR (United Kingdom), SBS | Optus FIFA WC VR (Australia) DIRECTV, and Sports VR (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Venezuela).

A stealth action game created by Neat Corporation, Budget Cuts is also released post long delay caused by lag and frame rate issue. The VR title took almost 2 Years to hit the actual commercial market. It is available on Oculus Steam and Rift with the price tag of $26.99. The actual of the cost is $29.99, which means the consumer will get a flat 10% discount on the original price.

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