Now A Device To Showcase Your Stinking Level Is Here

Now A Device To Showcase Your Stinking Level Is Here

Japan has always been a step ahead when it comes to innovations in technology and some other industries as well. But technology is seen as either good technology or bad technology, depending upon the purpose as well as the consequences. When it comes to bad technology, there is a specific word for the gadgets that are completely pointless, in Japan, which is termed as ‘Chindogu’. Recently, Japan has been working on the release of a device that is going to tell people about the severity of their body odor. In short, people will get to know how much they actually stink, with the use of the technology, if it matters at all.

This new device is named as Tanita ES-100, which has inbuilt sensors that work pretty efficiently. The person needs to simply direct the device to a particular body part that is observed to stink the most, and the rest is left to the sensors in the device. The device has a processing time of up to nearly 10 seconds and the result will be shown in the form of a scale which measures from 0 to 10, 0 meaning the person doesn’t stink at all and 10 means the stinking level is way too high.

There is a certain usage limit for the device though. It can be used for not more than 2000 times approximately, or for a period of a year or so. This device is expected to target the elderly people, who are in their late 40s or late 50s, specifically. The company, Tanita, will start the sale from the coming Sunday and the price for a piece is as much as $125.

In other news, a new bullet train which is one of its kind and named as ‘Hello Kitty’, is all set to debut in Japan, whose theme is based on the famous icon from the country. In 2015 as well, a train based on the Harry Potter Series was launched and was named as ‘Hogwarts Express’.

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