Mobileye Calls For Caution In Autonomous Cars After Fatality By Uber

Mobileye Calls For Caution In Autonomous Cars After Fatality By Uber

This week head of Mobileye claimed that its computer vision system will have spotted the walker who was slayed by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona, and called for a concentrated decision to authenticate the security of self-directed cars.

Chief executive officer of Mobileye, Amnon Shashua, in a blog post also claimed that newbies in the field of self-driving have not went through the years of development essential to make sure security of the vehicles. Mobileye is the vision system firm possessed by Intel Corp.

Mobileye Calls For Caution In Autonomous Cars After Fatality By Uber

Safety regulators and police are examining the fatality that took place on March 18, 2018, in which a female crossing a broad roadway at night was slayed by the self-driving test car of Uber. The accident has focused new concentration on the validation and safety of such cars.

Mobileye claimed that it took the video from dashboard camera rolled out previous week by cops and ran it via ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) of Mobileye. ADAS is a building block of even more complicated full self-driving networks that is presently discovered in 24 Million cars all over the world.

In spite of the low quality picture from the cop’s video, ADAS technology of Mobileye was capable to noticing the walker, Elaine Herzberg, and the cycle she was crossing across the road. “This was just about 1 Second prior to the accident,” Shashua claimed to the media in an interview.

Uber has not claimed if the sensors in its self-driving car sensed Herzberg in the seconds prior to the accident.

“New advancements in self-driving tech and a series of newbies in the segment incorrectly give the impression that the decade-long experience of current computer vision players must not be counted,” Shashua claimed.

“Experience matters, especially in security-critical regions,” Shashua claimed in an indirect reference to Uber, which only started to design its program for self-driving in 2015.

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