Microsoft Prosecuted With Patent Case Over Graphics Tech

Microsoft Prosecuted With Patent Case Over Graphics Tech

Patent cases are ordinary in the realm of technology and it appears that this time Infernal Technologies and Terminal Reality are aiming at Microsoft. You may recall the name from a grievance from 2015 comprising EA. While that troll was settled back in October last year, it appears like the firm has a new objective. Terminal Reality was shut down in 2013, and ever since that time, it appears like its associate Infernal Technologies has been taking legal action against game developers.

Microsoft Prosecuted With Patent Case Over Graphics Tech

As per a media post, Infernal Technologies and Terminal Reality have blamed Microsoft for “willful and egregious” patent violation of Patent 7,061,488 and Patent 6,362,822 associating to game shadows and lighting. The applicant states that it designed the “Infernal Engine” and afterward it certified to other studios. The firm also claims that games such as Sea of Thieves, Forza titles, Halo 5: Guardians, and even Battlegrounds (by PlayerUnknown) violate upon its copyrights.

More than a decade back, Microsoft attempted to patent same tech discovered in Patent 7,061,488 and Patent 6,362,822. The patent by Microsoft was discarded in 2007 but now Infernal Technologies and Terminal Reality state that the company is employing its tech on the other hand. What’s odd is that the complaint was filed in Texas. Texas was once the core of patent lawsuit. Since the OS behemoth is located in Washington, the case may not even proceed further.

It is uncertain how this case will be judged, but typically such events end up being discarded in court. On the other hand, there is also a possibility of a settlement outside the court.

Speaking of Microsoft, Microsoft followed Google and removed the pistol emoji for its famous OS. Facebook and Google both promised to remove the pistol emoji previously, leaving Microsoft, the only behemoth, with a realistic emoji for the handgun.

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