Microsoft Plans To Acquire GitHub: Expected Official Declaration On Monday

Microsoft Plans To Acquire GitHub: Expected Official Declaration On Monday

Microsoft, the software giant, acquired GitHub and the company would officially announce the deal very soon! It is because of Satya Nadella, the CEO, the company agreed to the deal.

GitHub is popularly used by the developers as well as the companies for hosting different projects including documentation and coding. For its extensive code repository, leading tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. use GitHub.

There are no clear reports about the deal’s valuation but in 2015, GitHub’s estimated service value was $2 Billion.

Microsoft takes the lead as a contributor to GitHub. The company appointed around 1,000 employees that will be engaged in pushing the code to the repositories on the site. Microsoft also hosts the original source code of Windows File Manager on GitHub.

From the day Satya Nadella is appointed as the CEO, Microsoft is rapidly making investments in the open source technologies. The list of open source technology deals includes Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, and JavaScript Engine. Microsoft partnered with the Canonical with an aim to introduce Ubuntu with Windows 10. It also acquired Xamarine for its app development services for mobiles. The company also brought SQL Server to Linux.

The tech giant uses Open Source version of Git control system to develop Windows. The popularity of Visual Studio Code is rapidly growing as developers use to debug as well as build cloud and web applications.

For Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition, we will be able to witness and experience the closer integration of Microsoft’s services and developer tools. Microsoft integrated GitHub with its App Center services for improvising the efficiency of its developers.

If Microsoft announces the acquisition of GitHub officially, the developers need not have to wait for too long to obtain a clearer picture regarding GitHub acquisition plans of Microsoft!

There are lots of questions building around the GitHub acquisition plans of Microsoft. The people eagerly waiting for the answers would get clearer pictures after the official declaration!

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