Microsoft Aim On Amazon With Efforts For Checkout-Free Retail

Microsoft Corp is operating on tech that will get rid of and checkout lines and cashiers from shops. This move comes in a promising challenge to automated grocery shop by Inc, claimed 6 sources well known with the development to the media in an interview.

The Redmond-located software behemoth is designing systems that trace what users add to their carts, the sources claimed. Microsoft has displayed sample tech to vendors from all over the world and has had discussions with Walmart Inc about a possible partnership, 3 of the sources claimed.

The tech by Microsoft plans to assist vendors keep speed with Amazon Go, a highly computerized shop that unlocked to the public in January in Seattle. Amazon users scan their handsets to enter at a turnstile. Sensors and cameras identify what they took from the shelves. When users are done shopping, they just leave the shop and Amazon bills their credit cards.

Amazon Go, which will shortly open in San Francisco and Chicago, has sent competitors scrambling to get ready for yet one more disturbance by the largest online retailer of the world. Some have examined programs where users bag and scan every product as they shop, with varied results.

For Microsoft, turning out to be a tactical ally to vendors has meant huge business. Apart from developing retail techs, it ranks second largest behind Amazon in trading cloud services that are important to run e-commerce websites, for example.

It is not apparent how shortly Microsoft will bring an automatic checkout service to public or whether its tech will be the key that vendors are seeking for.

On a related note, tech behemoth Microsoft is claimed to be operating on 3 new Surface machines codenamed Libra, Carmel, and Andromeda. The Carmel is claimed to be the next-gen Surface Pro that is anticipated to arrive by mid next year.