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Meizu 16 To Have Heat Dissipation System Using Copper Tube

Meizu 15 series has just been rolled out all over the world but the Chinese company has no intention on resting a bit prior to disclosing the next in their portfolio of flagship handsets. Meizu 16 is the next in the series of flagship handsets that the Chinese company has agreed to roll out. As per the Huang Zhang, founder of the company, the Meizu 15, which was rolled out to celebrate the 15th birthday of firm, was just a trial. Meizu 16 will be the eventual offering by the company. He also revealed that the yet-to-be-rolled flagship handset will be integrated with a heat dissipation system that operates via a copper tube. With the latest heat dissipation system that operates using a copper tube, the firm has high expectations on it being capable of utilizing the power by Snapdragon 845 process of Qualcomm.

Heat dissipation systems are not a new thing in the realm of handsets. These systems have been integrated in other handsets earlier as well, some instances being the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S7, Razor Phone, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. As the name recommends, this system has been developed to oppose the overheating issues of handsets and accordingly will help push the performance of the Snapdragon octa-core 845 processor. This declaration by Meizu related to the next flagship having Snapdragon 845 processor of Qualcomm is not completely new. Previously also, the firm had verified that minimum one Meizu-16 version will come integrated with the Snapdragon 845 chip. This will make the version the first flagship handset by Meizu to sport the enhanced first-rate processor by Qualcomm.

Speaking of Meizu, the company claimed that next flagship handset will come with under-display fingerprint sensor. This was revealed by the founder of the company in a series of posts and responses.