Manufacturing Sector Jobs Down By 87,000, Core Sectors Add 64000

Manufacturing Sector Jobs Down By 87,000, Core Sectors Add 64000

Employment figures as per the survey undertaken by the Labor Bureau for the quarter April 1, 2017, to June 30, 2017, were not very encouraging. It reported a dismal increase of 64,000 net job additions to eight main sectors of the country. The cause for worry is that the call for ‘Make in India’ has not taken off to a very good start as the greatest loss in jobs totaling 87,000 was recorded in the manufacturing sector. Creation of non-agricultural jobs is not as easy as it sounds!

Manufacturing Sector Jobs Down By 87,000, Core Sectors Add 64000

As per the survey the contribution to the job sector came from health and education segment which showed a job addition of 1.3 lakh for the quarter. Other sectors comprising manufacturing, trade, construction, transport, restaurants and accommodation as well as the BPO/IT industry reported a net decrease of 66,000 jobs in totality.

The biggest contributor to the job market for the quarter was Education sector creating about 99,000 jobs while 31,000 jobs were created by the Health sector. Women employment was higher than men for the quarter with 51,000 new jobs being for women and 13,000 for men. The survey which has been ongoing since April 2016 includes regular, casual and self-employed people as its constituents. The eight sectors saw a net increase of 4.8 lakh jobs out of which Education contributed towards 1.7 lakh while Health added on about 1 lakh jobs for the 15 month period beginning April 2016–June 2017.Employment of women rose by 2.1 lakh and plus while the rise among males was to the tune of 2.7 lakh in the above sectors.

Employment growth over 15 months in terms of percentage comes to a mere 2.3% with the annualized rate dropping to 1.8%. The manufacturing sector recorded a 1% growth in employment for 15 months indicating a zero impact of the ‘Make in India’ program. The rate of employment growth is highly insufficient to support new players into the job field and tackle the issue of unemployment.

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