Lyme Disease: Hit On The Red Bulls-Eye With The New Vaccination

The world is seeing a lot of viral attacks in various regions of the world. Be it Congo, where the threat of Ebola virus is spreading with each passing day, or be it a Kerala, a city of India, where the threat of incurable Nipah virus is dreading everyone in the nation. Both the viruses are lethal and causing the life of humans.

In these times of dark nights, there is a ray of hope with the invention of the first vaccination to avoid individuals from having the Lyme diseases. The vaccination has been developed in the United Kingdom, by Valneva, a pharmaceutical group. The vaccination has passed all the human clinical trials successfully, and individuals can get it on the NHS for people over 2 years of age.

Lyme disease is a devastating illness, which is pointed out by Bella Hadid, a model, and sufferer of Lyme disease. In case the disease is left untreated, it can become a cause of many other health-related problems like arthritis, cardiac problems, and even paralysis.

A bite of an infected tick looking like a red bulls-eye mark is the source of this disorder. Exhaustion and chronic fatigue are some of the symptoms of this disease. Hadid revealed that she had to leave the chance of being an Olympic showjumper, because of this disease.

Some other popular individuals experiencing Lyme diseases are Yolanda Foster, Hadid’s mother, and Hadid’s brother Anwar, and the list has names of Alec Baldwin, Shania Twain, and Ben Stiller.

The cases of this disease are on a growing spree in the United Kingdom; the current data is showing that there are twice the numbers of ticks carrying it compared to 10 years ago. Lyme is the most common illness spread because of ticks in the northern hemisphere.

Each developed vaccination is designed specifically as per the ticks of that specific area, so the vaccine developed for the UK cannot prevent the disease catching in the US, because of many geological and lifestyle factors.