LocationSmart, A Vulnerable Location Tracking Firm Without Security Measures

Knowing the location of a mobile phone is a very important task that has been provided by many location tracking firms like LocationSmart.

But if this information is available by all and sundry without a password or without any other authentic identification makes its service illegal? Well! This is what LocationSmart a location tracking firm with its base in the US was doing for so long.

If you have a T-Mobile, AT&T, or a Verizon phone, you can be located anywhere in the US, within a distance of a hundred yards. Just enter your name, phone number and your email address and you can get the exact location of your mobile phone. Once you consent to obtain details about the nearest phone tower. You will get the exact location in terms of latitude and longitude according to the Google Map. The text message is a great service if you have lost your phone and you want to track it.

But any third person can get access to the same queries. You just need to know how the website works and you will get all details about any phone. But if this service is used by miscreants?

Xiao, a Security Researcher student at the Institute of Human-Computer Interaction detected this alarming facility. He says that it is very easy to track almost any cell phone with this facility. Basic checks have not been performed and unauthorized queries are also given vital information regarding the location of the device.

At the heels of news that various phone tracking services are selling information, like Securus Technologies, ZDnet.com, and Motherboard, LocationSmart comes as the greatest threat of all. This free service is accessed by all and the required security precautions have not been taken. Its services had been abused for so long, silently because LocationSmart CEO has failed to provide a secure consent mechanism.

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