L.A. Cracks Down On Counterfeit And Unlicensed Pharmaceuticals

Three lawsuits have been filed by the Los Angeles city attorney against a number of individuals blamed of retailing banned, illegitimate, counterfeit, or misbranded pharmaceuticals. The complaints follow a wide-ranging inspection by numerous law enforcement agencies in Orange County, Los Angeles, Arizona, and San Diego, as mentioned by the officials.

The inspections resulted in the revival of over 430,000 doses of illegitimate pharmaceuticals. The City officials stated they expect the crackdown motivates individuals to thwart purchasing medications that are not prescribed by a certified pharmacist or physician.

Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney, said, “My organization and our law enforcement associates carry on to battle to guard our inhabitants from the safety and health dangers pose by illegitimate pharmaceuticals.”

The lawsuits names 8 defendants that seek civil fines and long-term bans confining future business actions. “Through these complaints, we try to stop what we claim are illegal activities of these materials and to convey a clear message to others who quarry on the society that they will be next,” said Feuer.

Unlawful medication revived by investigators consisted of Viagra and anti-inflammatory & anti-anxiety drug such as Diprospan & Xanax, as said by the officials. The forged drug can contain destructive constituents or inaccurate doses that can impair those who inject or consume it.

Those blamed in the grievances consist of a North Hollywood pair who the city officials claim utilized their residence to hoard and trade huge amounts of sham medicines, including antibiotics, Viagra and Cialis.

In a distinct complaint, the officials claim that South L.A. pair Salvador Enrique Velasco Sanchez and Flavia Maria Rodriguez mailed forged drugs from Mexico and Central America to stock up in their house, which they utilized to deal out the unlawful pharmaceuticals to people in Los Angeles and places as far away as Houston, San Francisco, and Atlanta.