Kesalingayalapalle Village Announces Hindu Only In Their Village

Kesalingayalapalle Village Announces Hindu Only In Their Village

In Andhra Pradesh, a year back on Ram Navami, inhabitants of Kesalingayalapalle, Kadapa area, proclaimed it a “Hindus only” town and hung a saffron board at its passageway.

A message was posted as “This town includes just Hindus. So, any endeavor by anyone from different religions to enter the town to crusade or lecture their individual religions is entirely disallowed. In the event that anyone abuses this standard, the solid activity would be started against them – residents of Kesalingayalapalle.”

Kesalingayalapalle Village Announces Hindu Only In Their Village

The message on the board says “Jai Sri Ram” mottos on either side, likewise bears this message: “If a man changes over into other religion, it adds up to changing one’s own mom.”

After the year, on another Navratri, Ram Janma, which denotes the birthday of the God Ram, the town of Kadapa one thousand five hundred individuals, found thirty-five km says ‘Hindus as it were.” No Muslims or Christians reside in Kesalingayalapalle, which has a blended Hindu populace of Kapus, planned ranks and other in lower classes.

B Ramana, a farmer and a senior member of the town says the occupants of Kesalingayalapalle picked to keep individuals of different religions out after some Christian persons went to our town a year ago and baited some of our village people to Christianity on the guise and they would be cured of their physical diseases on the off chance that they implore Jesus.”.

Ramana also added that from that day we decided for only Hindu people can reside in our village and determination became effective from Sri Rama Navami a year ago and we set up a board cautioning for preaching against Hindu.

The individuals who had been attracted to Christianity were brought once again into the Hindu Religion. He also explained that they were taken to Swamy Achalananda, a well-known seer. He lives at Thotlapalli in Achalananda Ashram close Brahmamgari Matham in the region and got them mentally conditioned to remain back in Hinduism.

The penalty for the violators is, Parade the guilty around the town with womenfolk conveying floor brushes. We influence them to serenade slogans for Sri Ram more than once and send them away. We likewise provoke them to go into a verbal confrontation with us on religious transformation.

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