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Identified: Planets With Habitable Moons Discovered Recently

We have always thought of life on the other planets but have we ever thought about life on the Moon? Exactly, the researchers of the world have found out that there are more than 100 giant planets that host moons and are capable of supporting life in it. They are working on a future telescope that finds life in these moons.

Check Out These Moons Where Habitat Might Be Possible

The Kepler telescope has discovered more than 100 planets known as exoplanets. The main aim of this satellite is to find planets and stars which are of habitable zones. Terrestrial planets are mainly searched because the geological and atmospherically conditions might be similar to that of the Earth.

Jupiter does not support life in it but the Moon hosted by the planet might be habitable. The habitable zones of the Moon might harbor rocky moons and are known as exomoons. It is also believed that in search of the life and exomoons in the space, we will also be able to discover many great places in our solar system.

The eight planets of the solar system have a total of 175 moons and the maximum number of moons orbit Jupiter and Saturn.

Life Beyond Earth: Habitable Moons In The Universe

There are 121 planets whose orbits are within the habitable zones of their stars. These are three times the radii of the Earth.

The gaseous planets are expected to host a large number of moons than the terrestrial planets. The exomoons might provide a better life than the Earth. This is because of the energy received from the stars and the radiation from the planet. No exomoons have been found till now.

After knowing all the properties of the giant planets and the exomoons, scientists are planning to observe the best one. This might also help in designing the properties of the future telescope.

Further research is going on about the different exomoons and their types of habitats. What do you think about having a life on a Moon?