IBM Conveys Salesforce Associate Bluewolf To India

Technology behemoth IBM this week rolled out a Salesforce consulting organization, Bluewolf, in India as it plans to branch out its play in different digital alteration programs being carried out by the enterprises and government in the nation. IBM will aim on segments such as utilities, telecom, and financial services to supply solutions of Salesforce, employing delivery abilities of Bluewolf and its own knowledge in design-thinking and cognitive.

IBM Conveys Salesforce Associate Bluewolf To India

A couple of years ago, IBM obtained Bluewolf, one of the top associates of cloud-supported software major Salesforce. In 2017, IBM signed a worldwide joint venture with software services behemoth, Salesforce to supply joint solutions using AI. “The rising market requirement for Salesforce reveals an equally forceful requirement for Bluewolf. Jointly, Bluewolf and IBM have deep knowledge allowing design-driven alternation on Salesforce all over service, sales, IT, and marketing,” Mark Foster, Senior Vice President at IBM for GBS (Global Business Services), claimed to the media in an interview this week.

Managing Partner at IBM for GBS, Lula Mohanty, claimed that the firm controls 100–200 users for the practice of Salesforce in India and hopes the figure to increase considerably in the next years as enterprises and government agencies in the nation carry out different initiatives of digital transformation to boost business.

“We witness a huge chance to assist firms in their digital alteration. We have already given training to almost 400–500 individuals in the practice of Bluewolf and will additionally scale that up,” she claimed. Mohanty claimed that the firm will also tap into the medium and small enterprises sector, providing comprehensive solutions and quick on boarding for their needs.

Sunil Jose, Country Leader and Salesforce India SVP, claimed that the roll out of Bluewolf in the nation will give power to companies, regardless of their size of processes, to use artificial intelligence-fueled solutions of Salesforce to make smarter moves.