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How Important Are Biotin Supplements For Us?

There is a lot of hype for biotin but it is just a water-soluble vitamin B that helps to convert the food you eat into energy. It is very helpful for you when you are pregnant or during the breastfeeding to your baby. Biotin is simply helpful for your hair, skin, and nails and hence it is suggested that you take biotin supplements while that duration.

Many a time, it happens that your body is not met with enough biotin requirement even when it is coming naturally from your food. Yet in those cases, it would be great if you could intake biotin tablets. They can be so helpful that it is one of the main ingredients for the wellness of your body. 

Here is what is biotin and why it is important to take biotin? 

Biotin is the B-vitamins which is known as vitamin B7. It is a water-soluble vitamin which means that it is needed in abundance as the body doesn’t store it. It is quite necessary for the very basic functions of  enzymes that break down food into energy. They participate in metabolic pathways and help in the production of glucose in the body.

What is the recommended amount of biotin intake every day? 

Every day, it is recommended to take in 5 micrograms for infants and 30 micrograms for adults. But breastfeeding women need 35 micrograms per day. It is needed for energy metabolism which is why it is necessary for you to consume it.

What are the benefits of having biotin supplements?

There are surprisingly many benefits of biotin supplements. Here are the benefits:

  1. It helps in metabolism: As it has been established before, biotin is needed for energy production. Hence, it is required for several essential processes in the body like glucogenesis, fatty acid synthesis, and breakdown of amino acids.
  2. Better nails :we encounter the problem of chipped and weak nails. They tend to get cracked or become weak. Hence, regular intake of biotin can stop this by improving the nail thickness.
  3. Beautiful hair : Irrespective of gender, everyone loves their hair. Biotin helps in stronger hair growth. It is however needed to take regularly. If you have a biotin deficiency, you may experience hair loss. Hence, it is helpful for hair growth.
  4. Helps women during pregnancy and breastfeeding: During pregnancy, women could be developed with a little biotin deficiency. It is estimated that this can affect their well being a little. Hence, to avoid any birth defects while delivery, it is better to consume biotin supplements every day.


Hence, it is important to consult your doctor before you take biotin supplements. They will suggest you take the right amount. Biotin has a lot of other benefits too like reducing blood sugar in people and improving skin health. It is wise to consider foods that contain biotin and if that is not enough, you can consume the biotin tablets.