Hi-Tech Fingerprint padlock Can Easily be hacked with Smartphone

Hi-Tech Fingerprint padlock Can Easily be hacked with Smartphone

According to the security researchers, a hi-tech padlock that is activated with the help of fingerprint can be seamlessly opened by a smartphone. To be precise, Tapplock, which claimed to be the first smart padlock with a fingerprint sensor, was unlocked in a span of 45 minutes when tried with a smartphone.

When the similar concern was raised in front of the company, it admitted to a big loophole in the entire system. Due to this, an intense patchwork will be implemented.

Andrew Tierney, a security expert had put some light on the way the padlock was hacked. He expressed that the unlocking can be accomplished at any point in time by anyone without having to spend any extra effort or knowledge.

Tierney, on behalf of PTP or Pen Test Partners, said that he was flabbergasted at the way the lock was unlocked. In order to ensure a faulty mechanism of the lock, he also ordered another lock. However, he was disappointed and found that the second lock opened in a jiffy, without putting up a fight to keep working.

As per the design, the security breach is related to the unlock key. It is generated from the Bluetooth low Energy ID and is easily discoverable to any smartphone. Just scanning the smartphone with Bluetooth devices will reveal the key, which, along with the other commands can be used to unlock the same.

Tapplock will be issuing a software update in order to get the issue fixed. Therefore, the people have also been warned to get the update accomplished in order to ensure the lock doesn’t put them at the risk.

The security patchwork includes the vulnerabilities associated with the communication or Bluetooth, which will restrict the unauthorized access. However, Tapplock will also continue to screen the security trends to offer enhanced security.

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