Google Blamed For Displaying ‘Absolute Disrespect’ For Android Users’ Confidentiality

Google Blamed For Displaying ‘Absolute Disrespect’ For Android Users’ Confidentiality

Joe Westby is the Technology and Human Rights researcher at the Amnesty International. Recently, in reply to the introduction of a new messaging service dubbed “Chat” by Google, Westby disputed that Google “exhibits complete disdain for the privacy of Android users.”

Google Blamed For Displaying ‘Absolute Disrespect’ For Android Users’ Confidentiality

Westby contended, “With its mysterious verdict to introduce a messaging service exclusive of end-to-end encryption, the search giant has exhibited absolute disrespect for the confidentiality of Android users and provided a valuable bequest to government spies and cybercriminals similarly, enabling them straightforward access to the material of communications of Android users.”

He continued, “Subsequent to the disclosures by Edward Snowden, a CIA whistleblower, end-to-end encryption has been acknowledged as a necessary protection for defending the privacy of the people when using messaging applications. With this latest Chat service, the search giant displays a shocking failure to value its users’ human rights. Following the most recent Facebook data scandal, the declaration of Google is not only unsafe but also out of step with the existing outlooks to data privacy.”

End-to-end encryption is looked upon by the Amnesty International as the least requirement for the technology firms in ensuring that the confidential data in messaging applications stays confidential. Encrypted messengers, for instance, have become a vital element of a number of uprisings and protests across the globe. However, a spokesperson for Google substantiated the new chat service will not be using end-to-end encryption. Also, the search giant has suspended spending in its other messaging application, Allo.

The new messaging application of Google is not the only product that has surfaced worries regarding privacy, lately. Android Auto, an application that enables the users to imitate applications from Android smartphones onto an entertainment and information display in the car’s dashboard, is supposed to be gathering too much user data.

In another attempt by Google, it will be introducing a new program dubbed Google User Research Experience, which will assemble several users who will validate new products, Android features, and services prior to their public release.

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