Firefox Introduces New Features To Encourage Its Users To Enjoy Browsing

Firefox is here with certain new features for the people engaged in multitasking works! The new features, of course, would encourage the persons loving to play with the aesthetics or individuals engaged in multitasking works.

Firefox added a Side-by-Side view tab in its search engine with which the users will be able to view a number of tabs. The users need not open a browser if they require opening a new page. When the user clicks on the button for Side View on the toolbar, you will be able to pick the tab you want at the side. You can select the tab you want to open or the tab you have recently closed. Users can also open the browser link at the sidebar.

The two tabs get displayed on the screen with mobile-view mode with which you can maximize the screen as well as drag the screen to enlarge one tab in comparison to the other tab.

Apart from the side tab feature, Firefox is working on the color feature! The users can easily change the texture and color. The users will be able to create their own theme with this feature. You can use the new feature to create inspiring and creative themes.

Both of the new experiments of Firefox with its search engine indeed are great but these don’t set the update limits! Firefox updates would bring new relevant features to ensure an optimal experience of the users.

Mozilla is the competitor of Firefox! Mozilla added certain practical features with the updated version which includes setting the limitations for Facebook from tracking the user’s web activity. The users can also block irrelevant push notifications from different sites.

Firefox currently is focusing on the appearance and function of the search engine with the latest experiments and added features! It’s time to get a new experience with Firefox.